Best Online Bingo Sites – Discover Where To Play Bingo Online

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Welcome to the best online bingo sites review where I’m going to help you find the site for you to play some bingo online.

Did you know that the average age of online bingo players is coming down?

In 2013 £640 million was spent on bingo in the UK alone.

Great Britain is the largest market for bingo players.

Since then there has been tremendous growth as more and more people have access to smart phones and computers and can play anywhere.

It doesn’t hurt that there are over 500 well established online bingo sites as well and more popping up every day!

What Types Of Online Bingo Sites Are There?

There’s a bingo site for everybody.

If you’re into pink sparkly things, then there’s a site for that.

If you’re into jungles or pirates, then there’s a site for that too.

No matter what you’re into there’s probably an online bingo site dedicated to it.

Did you know that 48% of all bingo players play bingo every day?!

That’s dedication.

What Age is The Average Online Bingo Player?

Well, you need to be over 18 with id to play bingo online but the average age is actually between 35-40 years old but this number is gradually getting lower and lower as websites become more fun and entertaining.

It used to be that bingo was only for old folks to get out of the house for a bit.

But now the younger crowd with smartphones and credit cards are getting into it too.

Online Bingo vs Offline?

There’s no doubt about it, real bingo halls are fun and there’s something about being around all those other players just waiting to shout “BINGO!”

But interestingly, 74% of players prefer to play online!

Who Plays Online Bingo?

It probably wont come as any surprise that 83% of all players are female and only 17% are male but it may surprise you that more and more guys are now getting into it too.

Interesting Facts About Online Bingo

  • In April 2016 – March 2017 the total yield of bingo operators online was 13.8 billion pounds. Which was up 1.8% from the year before.
  • 106,236 people are employed by bingo sites and the like in the UK.
  • 8,531 is the number of shops offering betting in the UK.
  • There are 583 bingo premises in the UK.

How To Win At The Best Online Bingo Sites

If you’ve ever played at any of the top bingo sites online then you’ll probably have noticed that the same players keep winning over and over so it can see like it’s all a big fix!

The truth is that most reputable sites have random number generators and which are regulated by 3rd parties.

The reason you see some players winning all the time is because they are either on a hot run and getting lucky or they have bought more tickets than others.

Using Statistics To Win At The Best Online Bingo Sites

One theory of winning at 75 ball bingo is to pick cards with as close to the average of 35 as possible.

The more tickets you buy the better chance you have of winning!

Play Bingo Online With The Younger Crowd?

It used to be that the average age of players was between 35-40 during 2013.

But in 2018 the average age of people who play bingo online has come down to 25-34 which is a lot!

Why is this?

It’s a combination of reasons.

First of all it’s become easier to advertise to the younger crowd online.

Secondly online bingo sites have become flashier and more in fashion.

They’re very fun to play on and lots of them offer more than just bingo.

Also smart phones make up a big part of online internet users and who use smart phones?

Younger people because smart phone use is on the rise.

Plus, online bingo has just become so easily accessible.

Oh yeah, remember when I said that more men were starting to play?

Well males now make up 25% of all players which is a big jump from 2013 when 17% used to play.

Why Plays Bingo Online?

So, you might be wondering if you’re new to bingo what’s all the fuss and why do people play it?

Well I’ve got the answer!

When questioned, 47% of online players said that it helped them to relax.

It’s true, bingo can be quite relaxing.

Thirty four percent said that they found it exciting and got a buzz from it.

Almost all players said that they liked that they didn’t have to leave their home to play.

Online Bingo Growth

In 2016 the biggest advertiser in the UK was Tombola bingo who spent 12.4 million pounds.

That’s 4.4 million more than the number 2 Gala Bingo.

The total spend was 45.5 million pounds in tv advertising.

The top 10 best online bingo sites contributed almost all of the tv spending.

They are;

  • Tombola
  • Gala Bingo
  • Mecca Bingo
  • Foxy Bingo
  • Sky Bigo
  • Wink Bingo
  • Sun Bingo
  • Costa Bingo
  • Heart Bingo
  • Bet365 Bingo

Despite not spending much on tv advertising, JackpotJoy bingo has become one of the most searched for bingo sites online.

Then not surprising it is Tombola then Gala in second and third.

No Deposit Bingo Sites Online

Everybody loves a freebie so it’s no surprise that the terms no deposit bingo and free bingo no deposit are some of the most search online.

Interestingly there are plenty of sites that allow you to sign up and play with no deposit.

Which Bingo Sites Are Social

If you’ve ever followed any of the big bingo sites you’ll know that they can be very annoying and will constantly spam you with offers and such.

It would be good if there was a site that focused on fund and entertainment rather than just sales.

Should You Play Online Bingo?

Did you know that 83% of all online bingo players have made a successful withdrawal in the past year?

It’s true!

Most bingo sites online are safe to play at but there are a lot of them but it’s important to choose the right site to play at to make sure you are safe because 17% of all online players last year reported a failed cashout.

So those are the best online bingo sites to play at now go play some bingo!

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