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The Realities of ROI in a World of Edtech and Social Media

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In the rapidly changing education world, there are new demands on your company in how you talk to your customers, how you deliver your products, and how you protect your intellectual property. While you want to stay current with the latest marketing and classroom technologies, you also need to pay attention to your organization’s fiscal health and sustainability. In this half-day seminar, you will hear from industry leaders on how to make smart decisions and investments that will allow you to meet your customers’ needs without compromising your company’s future.

Session 1: Protect your copyright, protect your profits

Speaker: Edward McCoyd, Association of American Publishers

The U.S. publishing industry is seeing very significant volumes of online infringement of its copyrighted works, across educational, trade, and professional & scholarly publications. Ed will provide an overview of the online piracy phenomenon as it affects publishers; relevant law; steps publishers are taking to combat infringement of their content; voluntary collaborations between rights holders, service providers, and others to stem Internet piracy; and proposals by AAP and its membership for enhanced tools and processes to help copyright owners protect their materials. 

Session 2: Embracing digital platforms without busting your bottomline

Speaker: Michael Ross, Encyclopaedia Britannica

There is a constant call to increase digital use in the classroom—as well as a rising number of new platforms to contend with. The question isn’t how to keep up with the constant changes, but whether or not you should even try. This presentation will offer advice on how to assess your product development process, analyze the potential financial outlay and return, and make strategic decisions about what’s best for your company and customers.

Session 3: How to make social media work for you

Speaker: Scott Traylor, 360KID

Social media seems like a fantastic tool to help you reach educators. Often the people you talk to, though, aren’t the ones making the final purchasing decisions, and the tremendous time investment required by online communications may not result in equivalent sales. However, as classroom teachers, parents, and even students are gaining more influence on product selection you need to keep your brand at the forefront. Listen to an expert on social media talk about what to use, when to use it, and the true measures of success in online marketing.

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January 28, 2015, 1:00 - 5:00 pm
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