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Congratulations to the 2014 Beacon Awards Winners!

Beacon Awards: 
for Education Marketing Excellence 

Before people invest their time and money into anything, whether it’s a product, company, or institution, they have to know that it exists and what it will do to benefit their lives and the lives of those around them.To recognize the effort required to promote learning resources, the Beacon Awards are awarded to the top education marketers in the field. 

Why enter?

All honorees and winners receive the Beacon seal of excellence, which is a visible mark of achievement and talent on the part of the professionals behind the various campaigns. Through our website and various distribution channels, the Beacons are promoted year-round providing ongoing visibility for the winning campaigns.Show your thought-leadership and marketing expertise by entering your campaigns in the Beacon Awards.

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Includes brochures, catalogues, annual reports, information packets, or other pieces that use a narrative or visual means to encourage a prospect to ask for more information
Campaigns that use digital distribution channels to reach consumers; Can include online ads, social media, topic-specific blogs, mobile campaigns, SMS/MMS, or digital outdoor displays. 
Marketing tools that communication messages to an audience, often with a reply device. This includes campaigns that serve to enhance the relationship of a company with its current customers or to acquire new customers.

Direct marketing campaigns can include digital and non-digital elements but both are not required. 
Campaigns to encourage prospective students to attend a college or university 
A total marketing campaign that includes at least three media components 
Print or electronic publications that are published on a regular schedule 
Promotional website, microsite, or e-commerce site aimed at collecting leads, encouraging the user to purchase a product, or facilitating a transaction 
A campaign created specifically to launch a new product or service 
Audio or video recordings created by an organization to build general awareness, encourage viewers to take a specific action, or promote a product or service 

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