Beyond the Classroom

After a successful first year this competition has expanded!

Beyond the Classroom entrants can now choose to enter in one or more of the categories below. The new categories provide structure in the incredibly wide-ranging consumer market and informal learning arena.

All entrants should read the Requirements and Eligibility page when deciding where to submit. Entries that do not meet these guidelines will be disqualified.

Find all information on the 2014-2015 REVERE Awards in one place by reading the Call for Entries. Read a short summary about the Beyond the Classroom competition in our FAQ.

2014-15 Categories—NEW!

Learn is the category for resources with a defined set of skills or knowledge base they are looking to communicate directly to the learner.
Play is the category for resources that specifically focus on learning through doing, allowing users to grow through imagination, exploration, and more.
Products in the relate category support learners in building healthy relationships with themselves, physically and emotionally, and socially with others. It also includes products that help learners process and engage with experiences, environments, and more in a positive manner.
The Innovate category is looking for the most original and creative resources created for enjoyment and learning in informal situations. It corresponds with the Innovation categories in the Classroom competition and is subject to the same entry requirements and eligibility.

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