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Congratulations to the 2014 Innovation Award Winner!

Innovation Awards:
The most original and forward-thinking products on the market

Innovation is a constant in education and is a requirement for success and progress in the global marketplace. This category welcomes any solution that can be considered innovative, including products, services, strategies, or research findings that enhance the learning experience; offer a more efficient way of accomplishing a task; or otherwise help solve a particular program relating to preK-12 education.

There are no categories for this award, so any solution in any media is eligible. All submissions must include a brief paragraph explaining the particular innovative qualities of the entry.

Examples of previous winners and honorees

This multi-sensory learning system uses augmented reality (AR) technology and webcams to teach Chinese characters. The cubes and software work together, allowing the learner to build proficiency in Chinese conversation.
ifocus, from Focus Education, encourages children to engage in attention, memory, and focus-building tasks. It also educates parents about helping their children develop healthy behaviors and habits.
This important book from Solution Tree presents a three-tiered approach every teacher can use to ensure that English learners access the core curriculum and achieve at high levels.
Insight 360, created by eInstruction is an instruction platform that facilitates and simplifies content planning and delivery and real-time assessment to provide a personalized learning experience.
Created by the National Wildlife Federation, this app enriches the magazine through videos, photos, and games, inspiring in readers a greater understanding and love of the natural world.
This digital extension of the popular magazine National Geographic Kids provides readers with a highly interactive learning experience that allows them to explore a story through a variety of media.
StudySync focuses on building reading and writing skills in creative ways. The product utilizes video, web episodes, music and dynamic audio to engage students and spark their imaginations.

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Past Award Winners

Recognition by the REVERE Awards puts you alongside esteemed industry leaders such as:

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